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Our series of free guides has been written by Stephen A. Isherwood, Director of Invest In Your Career Ltd, to help your personal development and career development.

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Personal Development

  • Woman holding a guide with personal development words around her

    Personal Development Guide

    With a busy schedule you may sometimes find yourself short of time. This guide will help you be even more successful by helping you gain more value from your learning in the time you do have available.

  • Woman sat writing her personal development plan

    How to Write a Personal Development Plan

    This guide explains how to write a Personal Development Plan for your learning needs in order to build capability and performance.

  • Woman receiving coaching from man

    Tips for Effective Coaching

    Effective coaching can enable you to perform at your very best by eliciting your own solutions and resources. This guide provides some really powerful top tips.

  • Chalkboard with career mentoring checklist

    Career Mentoring Tips

    This guide provides tips for Career Mentoring and demonstrates how you can deliver real value from being a mentor, and the personal development benefits mentoring can offer.

  • Man pointing to words ‘never stop learning’

    Creating a Learning Culture

    As a leader, you’re accountable for the results of your team. The value and impact of these results can be significantly increased by you taking accountability for developing an effective learning culture.

  • Globe graphic with training course words

    Attending a Training Course

    You can often gain valuable learning and payback from well selected training course attendance. However, this level of learning can be optimised by adoption of the tips in this Guide.

  • four people discussing job assigments around a computer

    Job Assignments for Personal Development

    One of the most powerful methods of personal development is some form of hands-on development achieved through a Job Assignment or additional responsibilities etc. This may focus on improving knowledge, skills, behaviours or any combination of these.

  • Benchmarking for Personal Development

    Benchmarking provides the opportunity to quickly access ‘best practice’ for a specific topic or issue, make comparisons with your own knowledge or practices, identify opportunities for improvements and develop plans to realise these improvements.

  • Job Shadowing Tips for Personal Development

    Job Shadowing can provide you with the opportunity to observe someone (who has a known level of competency in specific activities) undertake these duties for a period of time.

  • Learning Buddy for Personal Development

    A Learning Buddy, often a peer, can provide you with a meaningful discussion, where the aim is to help you develop skills and knowledge to improve performance.

  • Secondment for Personal Development

    Secondment is your placement in another role for a defined period of time in order to fulfil a specific business purpose whilst simultaneously developing your skills, knowledge and behaviours. This guide focuses on 4 types of Secondment.

  • Personal Development Outside the Workplace

    This guide provides guidance and ideas for personal development outside the workplace as a means to improve your current level of knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Career Development

Career Development - Experienced Individuals

  • Network Tips for Career Development

    This guide is designed to help experienced directors, managers, or specialists use networking to aid career development

  • How to Find a Job

    This Guide explains the most effective methods for job search and is designed to help experienced individuals such as directors, managers, or specialists

Career Development - Undergraduates & Graduates

  • Assessment Centre Guide

    This Assessment Centre Guide is designed to help undergraduates and graduates deliver an excellent performance at an employer’s assessment centre.

  • How to Prepare for an Assessment Centre

    This guide explains how effective assessment centre preparation can help undergraduates and graduates secure the career of their choice.

  • Our free guides cover a wide range of personal and career development topics and can help you reach your potential and achieve success in your career.

    How to find an Internship

    The guide is designed to help undergraduates who need to plan and secure their own internship as opposed to an internship organised by a university or college.

  • Finding Undergraduate Jobs – 5 Steps

    This guide explains 5 steps to a job for undergraduates. The guide can also be of value to individuals who have recently graduated.

  • Undergraduate CV Guide

    This guide explains how to write an undergraduate CV or resume to submit to prospective employers during the final year of university or college. The guide can also help individuals who have already graduated.

Time Management Tool

  • 3

    Time Management Tool

    This guide is designed to help experienced directors, managers, or specialists use networking to aid career development