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Terms & Conditions


Invest In Your Career Ltd (IIYC Ltd), registered in the UK under company registration number 5992995, having a registered office at 32 Thomas Drive, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, MK16 8TH UK.
1. Contract Establishment These Terms and Conditions of Business shall form part of the contract between “the Client” and IIYC Ltd “the Company” for the supply of any one of its 10 Services and as specifically detailed in correspondence direct to the client for fee paying services.
2. Fees 1. No fee is payable for the use of the “Free CV Review” or Free Career Guidance service
2. A Fee is payable for Services 1 to 8, on the basis agreed in advance with each Client. When any of these services are agreed IIYC Ltd will confirm the exact fee payable to the Client who will be responsible for the full payment on the agreed basis.
3. Where the allocated time for a Professional Service is significantly exceeded at the request of the Client then an additional fee will be payable as mutually agreed.
4. IIYC Limited reviews fees periodically. Our fee basis is always mutually agreed with the Client prior to commencement of any work on their behalf.
3. Expenses If the IIYC Consultant needs to incur any travelling expenses for a one-to-one meeting then an estimate will be provided in advance and actual expenses confirmed as soon as this is known together with an invoice.
4. Invoicing and Payment Invoices for fees prepared in accordance with paragraph 2 and 3 above are payable upon receipt of the invoice. Any queries concerning an invoice should be raised with IIYC Limited immediately. Wherever possible payment should be made to IIYC by means of an electronic bank transfer by BACS, or by Debit or Credit Card via the IIYC web site. Clients outside the UK will be provided with details of how to make an international payment.
5. Information Disclosure 1. We request that the Client disclose to IIYC Ltd all information which is necessary for the satisfactory completion of the Professional Service or which, in the reasonable opinion of IIYC Ltd, is relevant to the situation.
2. The Client represents that, to the best of their ability and in good faith, all information disclosed to IIYC Ltd is accurate and that any written materials supplied may be used as part of the Professional Service without breach of any third party copyright or registered trademarks.
6. Confidentiality Information concerning the Client and the Client’s circumstances will not be disclosed by IIYC Ltd to any third party without the Client’s written consent, unless otherwise required by law, a Court of competent jurisdiction or by governmental or regulatory authority.
7. Ownership The Client shall own the deliverables of the Professional Service as provided to the individual client. IIYC Ltd may retain copies for quality assurance purposes.
8. Liability 1. IIYC Ltd undertakes to exercise due care in the performance of its Services in accordance with applicable professional standards. The Company’s objective is to provide a high quality Professional Service that fully meets the Client’s expectations and requirements.
2. IIYC Ltd holds a current Certificate of Professional Liability Insurance to cover any civil liabilities arising from its Professional activities.
9. Suspension and Termination 1. The Client may, at any time, terminate a “Job Interview Coaching” Service by giving IIYC Ltd not less than twenty four hours written notice of the intention to do so – subject to the conditions detailed in clause 9.1 to 9.5.
2. Should the Client need to cancel the delivery of the above service the following cancellation fees will apply:
Within 5 days of the one-to-one meeting 50% of the total fee will be refunded
3. IIYC Ltd may suspend the Service if, in the reasonable opinion of the company, material circumstances adversely affect the performance of the company’s obligations under the Contract.
4. IIYC Ltd may, by giving notice in writing to the Client, terminate the Assignment forthwith if:
The Client commits a breach of the Contract and fails to remedy such a breach within seven days of being notified in writing by IIYC Ltd.
5. If the Contract is terminated:
The Client shall pay forthwith, on demand by IIYC Ltd, all fees and expenses in respect of all Services performed by the company under the Contract up to the date of termination together with all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by the company in connection with and in consequence of the termination of the Contract.