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"IIYC has always been very helpful and tries to work with you to meet your needs. IIYC has helped me on two occasions, one internship and then the job I wanted."

Rebecca - Graduate (IIYC provided services both prior and post graduation)

Career Diagnostics – For Graduates

Our Promise

    • To provide access to the most suitable career diagnostics tools for final year students, graduates or Masters graduates
    • Tailored for your specific situation, life-stage, specialisations, expertise and country
    • To analyse and discuss the results with you to help your career planning and future success


This service is for the following types of individuals :-
Final year students, graduates or Masters graduates and located anywhere in the world


IIYC Promises to:

Our career diagnostic service is for final year students, graduates or Masters graduates. Our service is available worldwide and can make a huge difference to your future success. Our diagnostic tools have been developed for people in your situation and will help you make that all-important first career step.

Career diagnostics are a careful, detailed investigation of your skillset and values and how the results can be matched with your career aims and ambitions plus help you secure your job of choice.

IIYC will :-

A successful career diagnostic process analyses and harmonises all of the above into an effective career plan.


Total success. Just contact us to find out just how successful and learn how we can help you because:

Why use IIYC?

We have over twenty years’ experience of helping individuals with their career development and really impacting their future success.

Because we provide individuals with professional help from start to Success.


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