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"The Marketing Director said my CV definitely stood out from the rest and helped me secure the internship. The interview coaching enabled me to give well thought out answers to the actual questions and concentrate on my confidence. I got the internship plus they have employed me after I graduated. Thank you so much it was awesome."

Tom - Undergraduate Internship (IIYC provided services both prior and post graduation)

Interview Coaching – For Graduates

Our Promise

    • IIYC promises to build your capability, confidence and capacity to secure your job of choice
    • Everyone IIYC has coached for a job has secured it, except 1. (and that vacancy was withdrawn), so nearly 100% success so our record speaks for itself


This service is for the following types of individuals :-
Final year students, graduates and Masters graduates located anywhere in the world


IIYC Promises to:


Total success. Everyone IIYC has coached for a job has secured it, except 1. (and that vacancy was withdrawn)

Our Interview coaching combines several proven methods that will help you secure your next position because:

Why use IIYC?

We have over twenty years’ experience of helping individuals with their career development.

We will build your capability to deliver the most outstanding interview or assessment centre performance and really impact your future success.

Because we provide individuals with professional help from start to Success.


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