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I was incredibly satisfied and grateful of the services that IIYC gave to me. They have provided me with a professional product that I can now use to develop my teaching career. - Luke - Teacher

"IIYC produced a CV that really focused on my achievements and was ten times better than what I had produced. Not only this, but they coached me for a presentation that changed my life forever. Now I have the greatest job in the world and I enjoy every minute of it. Thank you so much for everything and that's definitely a teacher’s gold star for IIYC."

Elizabeth - Teacher

CV / Resume – The Professions

Our Promise

    • You’ll need an engaging CV / resume to secure your next career move
    • Your CV or resume must engage the reader within seconds, yet most CVs contain up to 40 common mistakes, excluding typos and spelling mistakes
    • We avoid such problems and produce a CV/resume suitable for HR and recruiting managers within professional services
    • Your CV / resume will be optimised to maximise reader engagement and securing a job interview
  This service is for the following types of individuals:Academics, Accountants, Architects, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Medical Professionals and Scientists etc and is available to individuals worldwide.

You are:


  1. “As a professional person, I’m usually the one giving advice.”
  2. “I haven’t sought employment for a quite a while.”
  3. “It’s been a long time since I had to create a CV / resume.”
  4. “I’m not sure about employer application forms.”
  5. “It’s a confusing and worrying time.”
  6. “I’m feeling stressed, ill and can’t talk with my partner about this job.”
  7. “I’d appreciate some professional help.”

Invest In Your Career promises to:

Showcase your suitability for the job / career in question by:


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