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After failing to find the employment I wanted and was qualified to perform, my new CV and Cover Letter produced by IIYC started to attract interest. - Leslie - Technician
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Free Career Guidance – The Professions

Our Promise

    • Free career guidance for individuals in the professions
    • As career development experts we’ve been providing practical, action-driven career guidance to individuals for over 20 years
    • These individuals have gone on to achieve career success in a huge variety of sectors worldwide.

This service is for the following types of individuals:

Academic, Accountant, Architect, Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Medical Professional, Scientist, etc and located anywhere in the world


IIYC Promises to:

  1. Listen very carefully to your needs, frustrations and challenges
  2. Encourage you to consider all realistic options
  3. Understand your motivations and help you plan your next career step
  4. Provide feedback on your CV/resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile

Why IIYC does this for free?

Because IIYC consultants:

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