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"The Professional Coach from IIYC listened very carefully to my needs and we embarked on a very effective process. The resulting CV was truly outstanding. Clear - concise and it truly promoted my real worth to my new employer. Thank you for the great new job I now have."

Julian - Operations Director

Career Diagnostics – Directors

Our Promise

    • To provide access to the most suitable career diagnostics tools for Directors
    • To analyse and discuss the results with you to help your career planning and future success

This service is for the following types of individuals:
CEO, COO, Senior VP, VP, General Manager, Managing Director, Director of a specific organisational function in any country in the world


IIYC Promises to:

Help you understand that career diagnostics are a careful, detailed investigation of your skillset and values and how the results can be matched with your career aims and ambitions. IIYC will:

  1. Evaluate which career diagnostics will be the most suitable for your specific situation and provide these
  2. Evaluate your results, discuss these and bring clarity to your career options
  3. Help you develop your career path in line with your preferred option

A successful career diagnostic process analyses and harmonises all of the above into an effective career plan.


Total success. Just contact us to find out just how successful and learn how we can help you because:

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