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"Right from our first discussion IIYC quickly understood my career history, goals and future objectives and was able to offer very focused guidance from the outset. Everything promised by IIYC was delivered on time and where appropriate with guidance notes. The interview coaching enabled me to express my ideas, experience and enthusiasm to my new prospective employer."

Peter - Finance Director

Discounted Package – Directors

Our Promise

    • We promise to focus on the 3 most critical ingredients for your future success –
    • Compelling CV/resume,
    • Succinct Cover Letter
    • Impressive LinkedIn profile
    • We offer a discounted package to craft all 3 for individuals at director level seeking their next career move
    • Working with you we will optimise all 3 steps to showcase all your executive qualities
    • Our methods maximise engagement for the reader – your next employer.


This service is for the following types of individuals:
CEO, COO, Senior VP, VP, General Manager, Managing Director, Director of a specific organisational function in any country in the world



IIYC Promises to:

This special discounted service for Director level individuals is available worldwide and is one of our most popular services and will boost your chances of successfully securing your next exective role with:

We can offer all 3 parts of this service independently but this package brings them together to create an essential service designed to promote you and secure an interview for the job of your choice.


Total success. Our candidates always secure the job of their choice because:

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