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"Invest in Your Career helped me to understand how to manage my job search and also stretch myself in many ways. They helped me see the trees and navigate through the wood!"

Clare - European Marketing Director

Job Search Coaching – Directors

Our Promise

    • Your individually tailored job search plan will definitely shorten the time to success
    • Bespoke coaching will be provided together with focused tools and information
    • We will work with you to identify the right roles and organisations for your next step
    • We’ll help you secure a new position and achieve your desired career progression
    • We have long experience and great success in working with people in your situation


This service is for the following types of individuals:
CEO, COO, Senior VP, VP, General Manager, Managing Director, Director of a specific organisational function in any country in the world



IIYC Promises to:

Provide bespoke coaching suitable for individuals in director level roles.

Coach you through a 3 step process leading to your next career step and guide you through to success with:

  1. A structured written job search plan, unique to your situation and created around your exact needs and career plans
  2. Regular coaching and discussions to keep you on track (weekly or more regularly)
  3. Ongoing engagement with you until you achieve success by securing your job of choice

Examples of what this may include:


Total success. Our record speaks for itself as IIYC clients quickly secure the opportunity of their choice because:

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