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"Invest in Your Career helped me prepare for what was clearly the most important interview in my life. They coached me to deliver an outstanding performance – and I did just that and am now the Managing Director of a leading company. Excellent and very professional service. Thank you."

Andy - Managing Director

Interview Coaching – Directors

Our Promise

    • IIYC promises to build your capability, confidence and capacity to secure the job of your choice
    • We’ve achieved 100% success: all IIYC clients coached by our consultants have secured a new job, except 1 and that vacancy was withdrawn. Our record speaks for itself


This service is for the following types of individuals:
CEO, COO, Senior VP, VP, General Manager, Managing Director, Director of a specific organisational function in any country in the world


IIYC Promises to:

Ensure you deliver the most outstanding interview performance with your prospective employer.

Expert coaching from one of our career development consultants will most definitely make a huge difference to your success. Our tailored coaching approach is designed to:


Total success. Everyone IIYC has coached for a job has secured it, except 1. (and that vacancy was withdrawn)

Our Interview coaching combines several proven methods that will help you secure your next position because:

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