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"The service from IIYC has been exceptional – highly personalised and always at a time and pace to suit my specific needs. I have yet to test out the results, but am confident that my chances of success should I need to do so are much improved."

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LinkedIn Profile – Directors

Our Promise

    • To create a compelling LinkedIn profile suitable for someone at director level
    • Recognise that LinkedIn is the World’s No.1 online network for director level individuals
    • Appreciate that your LinkedIn profile is normally the first place an employer will look after they review your cover letter or CV / resume
    • Understand that a strong LinkedIn profile is an important step towards securing your next position
    • Work closely with you to optimise your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills, experience and achievements


This service is for the following types of individual:
CEO, COO, Senior VP, VP, General Manager, Managing Director, Director of a specific organisational function in any country in the world



IIYC Promises to:

Produce a well-crafted LinkedIn profile that gives your future employer confidence in your skills, experience and capabilities by:


Total success. Our clients are always successful in securing a new job because:

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